41 Creative Diy Backyard Gazebo Design Decoration Ideas

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When someone says “Gazebo,” what do you think of? A wooden, octagon garden structure? A conservative shingled roof with railings on seven sides? This is the most traditional gazebo. But, as outdoor living spaces catapult to the top of the list of rooms homeowners are looking to revitalize, gazebos have redefined their image.

Gazebos can now be created in square and rectangle designs, as well as oval and dodecagons. Thought that was too much? A new style of gazebo, called a belle roof gazebo, features a romantically curved roof with no sharp corners or edges.

You can also get gazebos with full sets of screens and a door to keep bugs at bay. Or, of course, completely enclose it with privacy walls and a locking door. People are even wiring their gazebos with full electrical packages and turning them into guest rooms or home offices.

The little pine gazebo that sat in your neighborhood park is no longer the norm. But, the odd thing is that there is no more norm. Gazebos are becoming backyard havens, quiet retreats and raucous party places.

Gazebos can now be custom designed to fit each person perfectly. No more shopping around for something that you think could work in your back yard; now you can design it so it is customized to your exact specifications.

Gazebos should be designed the way you feel most comfortable enjoying the great outdoors. With that, live vicariously through the rustic or traditional designs inspired by the past, or bring the present into your outdoor space with modern comforts and dining.

Certainly, you’ll want to create the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor dinner party, as well as the ultimate experience for those attending it. But, at the end of the day it’s your gazebo and it should be the perfect backyard structure for you. It’s always important to balance creating hub your friends will love and creating a retreat you can’t wait to come home to.


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