48 Totally Cozy Living Room Decoration Ideas For Fall

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As the green summer fades and autumn comes blowing in, it’s about time to give your house a seasonal make over to mark changing leaves and cooling weather along with the beginning of the big holiday season. Want you want to do is decorate our home in a way that adds spice and warmth and that reflects the essential spirit of fall.

And whether it’s pumpkin decorations or the use of soft, warm blankets and covers on your sofas and chairs, you’ll realize that when it comes to interior design for any season, it’s the details that really pull it all together. Here are just a few fall decorating ideas to get you started.

New Textures
The importance of texture in interior design cannot be overstated, and fall calls for heavier, warmer fabrics in order to reflect that earthy feel of the season. Exchange the crisp linen pillow covers with soft velvet or chenille. Add thicker slipcovers to the couches and chairs in your living room. This is a great way not just to add texture to your interior design, but also to give new life to your old furniture pieces without having to replace them.

You’ve only to look at the trees in fall to see what the seasonal color scheme is going to be. Deep, rich, earth colors. Trade in the light summer greens and yellows with forest greens and deep golds. Pillows, window drapes and tablecloths should all get switched out. Add colorful accent pieces like fruit bowls with bright red apples and other earth-toned comestibles.

Yes, smells are as much a part of interior decorating as are color schemes and furniture placement. Interior design is about conveying a mood, and smells are one of the most powerful tools you have for creating mood. This fall season, fill your vases with chrysanthemums and light up a few cinnamon spice or pumpkin scented candles. These smells add to the feeling of fall’s warmth and comfort.

Holiday spirit
Thanksgiving and Halloween are the two major holidays that essentially define the fall season. Adding decorations that tie into the spirit of these two holidays can add a whole new level of charm to your interior home decor. Lining the mantle of your fireplace with miniature pumpkins can be a nice touch. Decorating your table tops with cornucopias, acorns, carved gourds, or bread baskets can make for great seasonal displays.


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