47 Awesome Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas You Will Totally Love

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Planning and creativity is the key ingredient to give your bathroom a lavish, yet classic look. There are countless bathroom ideas to create a masterpiece that will add value to your home. However, you must carefully analyse the existing layout, fixtures, and available space before commencing the process of bathroom renovation.

It requires experience, skill, and talent to prepare an ultimate planning schedule along with a savvy design to deliver class and elegance. Likewise, you will not like to spend extravagantly only to end up with an unsatisfying creation; and that is why it is essential to find the right professionals, designers, distributors, and products to get the job done. Bathroom renovations is well versed with several smart bathroom ideas for renovation such as:

a.) Personalize the Vanity – The colour and texture of vanity defines the luxury of your bathroom. Scandinavian styled timber interior and architecture are a good alternative to conventional vanity fittings. Additionally, bathroom renovations beautify the view and depth with the help of colorful LED lights, which also illuminates the surroundings. This will not only provide an impressive interior look but also leave a soothing impression on the mind. Innovative ideas blended with adequate experience is the prerequisite to achieve this goal.

b.) Make the bathroom spacious – It is not surprising that most of the times you feel that your bathroom doesn’t have enough space for easy access or movement. To make it less obtrusive, hanging or wall-mounted fixtures, cabinets, basins, and vanities are installed in a proper pattern. These bathroom ideas are executed only by an expert to allow you to have more floor space for shower units and other accessories. It then becomes easy to install transparent glass shower units and large bath tubs.

c.) Decorate the interior Walls and Floor – A neutral combination of wall and floor tiles is very common. You are well aware that stone tiles have conquered the market for many years, but the latest trend shows that ceramic tiles are becoming increasingly popular because they look like timber and act like stone. Bathroom renovations assists in selecting between different vibrant colours of these floor tiles to complement the walls and other accessories; and place it in the brick pattern to give a broadening effect to the room. Plastic laminate flooring is also recommended where the surface is likely to experience a lot of wear and tear. These are both inexpensive and durable. Additionally, expert advice is given to select a paint that will resist mildew or any other deteriorating agent in the longer run.

d.) Deliberately consider electrical fittings – There are instances when you require powerful lighting system for your bathroom because of the existing filthy and damp conditions that leaves an awful impression. In that case, bathroom renovations choose to install hanging lights that come with stylish chrome finish and classy ambience. On the other hand, traditional bathrooms have light units installed on the wall sections. This aspect is completely avoided in order to make the bathroom more trendy and stylish. Likewise, other creative bathroom ideas such as skylights and appropriate glazing for an overall enhanced natural lighting are only possible with the help of a suitable adviser.


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