47 Awesome Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas You Will Totally Love

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When the summer finally gets going and you don’t want to be trapped inside a hot kitchen all day, it really is time to think about an outdoor kitchen design and I’m not just talking about a sorry looking, ten year-old barbeque.

The concept of the outdoor kitchen is one that has continued to flourish over the last few years as more people have realised they can take the space at the back of their house to the next level.

However, if you’re thinking of planning an outdoor kitchen design, here are some things to bear in mind to ensure you don’t make any horrific mistakes.

Lay the foundations. If you’ve got an existing patio or decked area, then you should have no problems installing your outdoor kitchen units onto these spaces. However, if all that’s in your back garden is grass and soil, you’re going to need to lay some foundations. Although this isn’t a problem, it does add to the overall expense of your kitchen so be sure to include this when costing up.

Plan carefully. A lot of people opt to install their outdoor kitchen as close to their house as possible to reduce the distance they have to carry things in and out. Although this is sound logic, remember that your outdoor kitchen will produce a lot of smoke and it’s not pleasant to have this wafting into your house for hours on end. Put a lot of thought into where you position your kitchen and take everything into account, not just how it looks.

Set a budget. Outdoor kitchens can just keep growing in expense as the project progresses. Apart from the main cooking unit itself there’s seating, tables, patio heaters and all kinds of other things that can get thrown into the mix and significantly inflate the overall cost. By setting a budget for the project from the start, you force yourself to make good decisions and not get carried away with all the luxurious extras on offer.


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