49 Stunning Minimalist Living Room Decoration Ideas

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If you are looking for a living room that is calm, serene and clutter-free, you might want to consider designing in the minimalist style.

You will feel much more relaxed and comfortable in a living room that is designed in the minimalistic style. Because of its streamlined look and aversion to clutter, this style will make cleaning your new living room a breeze. You will absolutely love the look and feel of your new living room.

There are some basic elements that you should include when redecorating a living room:

* Select pieces of furniture that are very basic and simple in their look and construction. Make sure to only purchase pieces that are required, leaving out extra elements such as occasional tables or chairs, footstools and plant stands.

* Choose chairs and couches that are plain that embrace a basic traditional rectangular shape or classic curved Chippendale style for this new room. Ignore your tendencies to choose throw pillow that are fringed, lacy, embellished or covered in flounces or just skip the pillows all together.

* Choose end tables and coffee tables that are basic and understated as well. Metal tables that are topped with stone or glass, basic wood cubes or subdued tables made of clear acrylic or laminate will work well here.

* Use designer wall treatments and decorative floor coverings sparingly. You best bet is a basic Berber-style or sisal area rug thrown over a hard-surface floor such as wood or tile – never layer a rug over carpeting.

* Walls should be painted a single, soothing neutral color – remember to think minimally.

* Forget fancy crystal or Tiffany-style lamps, choose instead lamps and shades that are basic and simple in design. Wrought iron or basic ceramic lamp bases that are designed in a simple contemporary style will work best in this situation.

* Indirect or ambient lighting that comes from canister or other types of recessed fixtures is a good choice. This eliminates the addition of fussy or over-designed shades and chandeliers that can detract from the minimalistic design.

* Leave windows bare or hang basic coverings over them. Roman shades, wooden blinds that are 2-inches apart, plantation shutters or a basic wrought-iron rod with neutral tab-topped curtains are all excellent choices.


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