48 Stylish Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas

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Functional kitchen sinks and taps are fine, but for some, the idea of taking the extra step toward style and extra features is a way to enhance kitchen usage. Modern and sleek kitchens may call all for an all black ceramic sink with polished chrome taps. A more traditional version may have a porcelain enamel over cast iron version with a wall-mounted tap. Adding things such as water sprays and changing the material of a sink and the height of a tap can increase the function and design of a sink.

A kitchen sink can come in many shapes, sizes, and configurations. One can purchase a square shaped or circular sink. The sink may be a stand-alone farmhouse version where the apron is visible in a country style kitchen. The bowl may be single or double and whether one washes and rinses in the same sink might be the final reason this style is chosen. How much space one has and the style of the kitchen often determines which one is selected. Kitchen sinks and taps have come a long way and can beautify one of the busiest spaces in a home.

With a stainless steel kitchen sink, one is buying a bowl that offers excellent clean up. It is also less expensive than other models if purchased prefabricated. The disadvantage for some would be how easily it may become dented. Other metals such as brass and copper are beautiful to look at, but they will not clean up as easily as stainless steel. They also tend to be more expensive. For some enamel sinks, the colors vary widely. This is wonderful for those looking to match the sink with paint colors or colorful appliances. They may also chip, so protecting them is a must.

In the quest for finding kitchen sinks and taps that work well together, look at how they are presented in home and garden shops. They often give a great idea of what works together. A kitchen sink that is combined with a pullout spray faucet offers an easier way to clean around a sink. Some taps will come with a lever that is adjusted left or right for temperature and pressure.

The same tap may be equipped with a small sprayer on the side. Not everyone wants a lever and prefer to turn water on and off with separate handles. This allows users to control the flow and temperature from two different handles. These taps may be in stainless steel, brass and even chrome. They may have a standard spout on one with a higher arch. The combinations of sink and tap are endless.


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