46 Incredible Fireplace Makeover For Fall Home Décor

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Adding a fireplace to a room gives it a more solid presentation so that anyone who goes there will have a lasting impression of it. On its own, the fireplace design is impressive enough for any visitor. To give it a solid impact you can maximize your fireplace potential to be the centerpiece of your room.

Christmas is usually the time for fireplaces to shine the most. It is tradition for children and some adults too to hang their Christmas stockings over the fireplace and a plate of cookies with a glass of milk for Santa. On Christmas morning, the family gather by the fire and open their gifts while sipping a hot mug of chocolate.

But the fireplace’s glory cannot be confined to Christmas. You can make it shine all year long with decors appropriate for the season or the occasion. Or even during times when there is no occasion, you can make moments before the fireplace special and memorable.

The fireplace mantle is a great place to show off your collection, treasured artwork, favorite books, or a series of family pictures. You can hang a painting that can give elegance to your room. A classy mirror hung above the fireplace is also a great design idea that is appropriate the whole year.

To make your faux fireplace more authentic, you can put tool set by the side and a rug in front of the fireplace.

The fireplace can play a major role decoratively in special occasions where parties are held. For example, you can place birthday cards and happy birthday banners on the mantle. For Halloween, you can put jack o’ lanterns at the side and hang faux cobwebs and toy spiders to give your home that creepy, Halloween look the your kids will simply adore.

Create picture perfect moments with your kids posing in their costumes by the fire before they go trick or treating around the neighborhood.

Don’t stop there. If you run out of special occasions, get your decoration cue from the season itself. Such as placing a bouquet of flowers during springtime or pine cones during the fall. You can even use seasonal wreaths to hang over the mantle.

If you have a brick fireplace, give it a makeover so it wouldn’t look so downtrodden. You can paint the bricks with color to give it a cool rad look, or go classic and restore its original appearance using brick stain.

Depending on the location of the fireplace, the design generally indicates the inclination of taste of its owner while the decoration shows his or her personality. This is most evident in bedroom fireplaces where the mantels are decorated with his or her favorite things such as car model collections or figurines of cats or dogs.


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