47 Amazing Glass Top Dining Tables With Wood Base Ideas

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Glass top dining tables offer many features that are incomparable to other dining furniture. Their beauty is one of the reasons they captivate the attention of consumers every day. They reflect light which illuminates any room and makes even small areas feel larger. They are available in an assortment of shades and tints including clear, frosted, and tinted black glass. They are also purchasable in a variety shapes including round, square, and oblong.

This makes it easier for you to match any home decor or accessory with your table. You will find that a wide range of patterns and materials will flow perfectly with and accentuate these stunning pieces of furniture. You may want a round, clear glass table to make your dining room feel more casual , or you might find that the undeniable elegance of an oblong, frosted glass table is the perfect choice for you. The options are limitless, in terms of the bases that you can choose from as well.

They can be crafted with most any type of metal or wood for the glass to be set upon. Their beauty can also be portrayed in a variety of ways including modern, vintage, and contemporary. No matter which you choose, these tables never go out of style and can stay the centerpiece of your dining room throughout the years, and can even endure any number of design or decor changes you may appoint. With all those possibilities, you can’t go wrong with purchasing a glass top dining table.

Beauty of Glass Top Dining Tables

Now that you have discovered how beautiful these tables are, it’s time to think about all the ways to highlight that beauty and portray them in a truly magnificent way. You have already learned that the glass reflects light and brightens a room, but to get the most out of this you can place it by a window. It will draw even more light and make the room truly shine.

On a similar note, if you would like to achieve a formal or elegant dining area, you may want to place a chandelier above the table. It will, again, reflect the light, but this time it will give a soft glow to the room, therefore actualizing the dream of a formal dining area. Also, you may want to allow the size of your dining room to determine the shape of the table.

If the room is small, a round or small square table will give you plenty of seating but take less space. On the other hand, if the room is spacious, a large square or oblong table will make the room feel full, but not overpowered.

Functionality of Glass Top Dining Tables

The primary function of any dining table, including these, is for sitting down and enjoying a meal. Whether it be a quick breakfast before work, an intimate setting with just your spouse, or an elaborate family get together, their attractive design makes your dining experience just that much better.

However, you may be concerned that the glass won’t be suitable for you, in fear of low durability. This is not the case by any means, just so long as you make certain that you are purchasing a quality product. They are typically made out of tempered glass, which is extremely strong and can endure temperatures as high as an oven.

The tempered glass material is also very scratch and bruise resistant, which is ideal when pets, small children, and large families are present. Tables topped with wood have a higher chance of being damaged due to silverware, dishes, or flying toys than the tempered glass that these are made from.



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