47 Unique Hidden Storage Ideas For Bedroom Spaces

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The first thing that you should look at is the way your lifestyle is. What rooms do you use specific items in and where can you increase the storage in that area.

Such as in the living room, you may want to have a comforter handy for cold winter nights or when the grandkids sleep over, hide magazines that you want to keep or have a hidden area for the grandkids toys. Unfortunately, there isn’t any more room to put a storage shelf or cabinet.

These ideas may benefit you; Use an ottoman that the top comes off and has storage inside, Use a trunk, cedar chest or two ottomans side by side as a coffee table.

Why not enjoy added filing space, by using a filing cabinet as an end table and covering it up with a round tablecloth?

Maybe you have a lot of heirloom things that you would like to show off, but there isn’t room for a buffet or curio cabinet. How about storage area that is going around your room in the form of shelves, glass enclosed cabinets or bins? This way the items are out of reach but everyone can enjoy looking at them and reliving memories.

Bedrooms are an ideal space to add and discover extra storage space, with all of the new under the bed organizers, to help you achieve that goal. Closets, yes, even small closets can be made more efficient, with closet organizers, shelves that go to the ceiling and storage hangers and compartments for sweaters and sweatshirts.

The laundry room is something that no one should overlook in your organizing goal, moveable storage shelves come in very handy in this room. Place your detergent, bleach, softener and shout in this area. Above the washing area you can add small shelves with little decorative bins on for those winter gloves and hats, socks that loose their other half and various other storage items.

Above the dryer, is a great place to add a clothes rod to hang shirts, slacks and skirts as they come out of the dryer, so they are ready to go back in the closet, wrinkle free.


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