49 Best Ways To Organize Your Rvs Kitchen Space Ideas

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Many people purchase RVs because they will have a kitchen on the road. This saves money on food since you are preparing and cooking in the comfort of your RV, not having to go out to eat or even grill over a campfire. Most RVs have a sink, refrigerator, stove/cook top, and other miscellaneous kitchen tools you would find in your home kitchen.

If you are new to RVs, you may not be aware of what you need to do to ensure your kitchen runs efficiently when living on the road. The following are helpful suggestions to guide the new RV owner in and around the kitchen.

1. Pots, pans, cups, etc: When choosing such items for most types of RVs, make sure they are able to stack easily. Storage space in RVs is typically slim to nell, so the least amount of room your cookware takes up, the better for you. Also, check to see what the cooking items are made of. Don’t pick stoneware, but choose lightweight metal or plastic plates. RVs continuously shift and what is in storage, such as your dinnerware, will inevitable adjust some. A lightweight material will not be as damaged during the drive.

2. Prioritize your meals: Most RVs do not come with large kitchen storage spaces. This means you should prioritize foods for the road. Steer away from canned foods because of their weight. Think of spices and herbs you can pack, also think of potatoes, onions, or other durable foods. You can always buy fresh produce on the road.

3. Take care of the refrigerator: Different RVs come with different size, shape, style of refrigerators, but the important factor is that you will need to give it extra care. Turn on the fridge about one hour before you are ready to load it. Make sure you keep the refrigerator as level as possible when you have the motor home parked, and make sure there is approximately one inch of air circulation surrounding it.

4. Heating water: You can heat water easily in your RV by using the engine heat or the RV water heater. When you have the recreational vehicle parked, you should use the engine heat, and while driving, use the water heater. Be cautious, especially if you have young children traveling with you. Watch the thermostat.

5. Miscellaneous kitchen tools: There are other kitchen items you may want to consider when traveling in your motor home, such as a deep sink, a crock pot with space to let it sit, a coffee pot, microwave, etc. Make your RV a home away from home.


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