48 Elegant Rv Storage Solutions Ideas

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Many people do not have enough storage space in their homes. It can be tough finding places to keep things such as extra blankets, out of season clothes, toys and games, or even special treasures that you don’t use all the time but at the same time wish to keep.

There are many different storage solutions available, but many of them seem to be unsightly or simply do not match the rest of the decor in your house. While you can custom order furniture and built in wall units for shelving, this can be quite costly and may or may not even improve the value of your home.

If you want to have a place to stash your belongings without sacrificing style, these ideas below will help.

1. Hang Curtains: You can turn any corner or wall of a room as a place to keep your items simply by hanging curtains from the floor to the ceiling. Not only will this hide all of your stuff, but the fabric of the curtains will also add texture and appeal in the room. Choosing neutral colors will cause it to blend in, or you can turn it into the focus of the room by using a darker or bold color.

2. Dual Purpose Furniture: More and more furniture designers are now including space for keeping things in it. For example, beds now offer drawers as part of the bed frame for holding your items, or a seat may open up so you can place things inside of it. These dual purpose furniture ideas can be especially helpful in tight spaces such as dorm rooms or small apartments.

3. Make the Best of Stair Space: Stairs can take up a lot of space in a home. Either consider adding in a closet underneath that you can access, or consider turning the eaves of the steps into drawers. You may need to hire a carpenter to do this, but it will be well worth it for the additional room you will gain.

4. Pick Artful Organizers: There are many organizers that in themselves are works of art. Stylish bookcases or novelty shoe racks can all make up for lost space and add a dynamic look to any room. Picking interesting finishes or things that match your overall style will give the room a new flair.


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