49 Popular Front Yard Designs Ideas

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Although front yard landscaping is not necessary, it has become a very popular project among many homeowners because it adds beauty to the front of the house. After all, a great yard in front gives an even better impression to the guests and even to anyone who happen to pass by the place. A good front yard landscape gives a warm welcome to the guests and visitors of the house. As it is the first thing to be noticed, it should be the most accommodating of all.

There are actually many landscaping ideas that you can follow or use as a guide. Whichever you want to imitate, you should remember that your front yard must still contain some personalized elements – something that will tell the guests of who you are and what kind of people are living inside the house. Thus, if your front yard looks bad, it may give a bad impression on those who see it.

The most important element in any landscaping project in your front yard, however, is not really the aesthetics but the functionality. There is no use of having a breathtaking view in front of your abode if you have a hard time accessing the door anyway. People who walk through your yard will never learn to appreciate its beauty if there are too many obstacles along the way and if there is no proper place for them to be able to just pause, stop for a while and enjoy the view.

Usually, simple landscaping ideas will do the trick such as adding plants here and there. You can also have curbs and walkways placed in to add beauty and to have some place where you can step in, without destroying the grass as well as the other plants. Remember though that the focal point of any front yard design is the front door of your house. Without a clear path and a clear view to the door, your yard can look like mayhem and your guests will feel like they are inside the jungle.

You can start by painting your door with a complimentary color to your house, to make sure it stands out. Then, you can put in some plants around or near the door to highlight it – but do not overdo, of course. From there, you can start adding in other elements until it reaches your gate, if you have any, or until it covers most of your front yard.


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