46 Inspiring Winter Bedroom Decoration Ideas

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Christmas is a special time of year. We are more generous, more forgiving and more inclined to focus on our loved ones. We tend to entertain more, to spend more time together and to enjoy that time a little more. Perhaps it is the weather that makes us turn our thoughts inward, or perhaps it is just the season, but we seem to spend a bit more quality time with the people we care about.

The Christmas season can also get busy. We entertain at our home, are invited to parties and gathering at varying locations, visit others, shop for gifts, cook treats and meals, attend religious and cultural events and occasionally become overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle that can accompany the season. One way to reconnect with both the meaning for the season and the peace and focus that we want to have is to create a getaway for the holidays.

If you are having an actual getaway for the holidays, you can still create a space in your home that allows you to take a break from the hoopla and find some peace before delving back into it. Carving out that peaceful space might require a little extra effort but will be worth it.

First, decide that you will use your bedroom as an oasis, not grand central station for purchases, wrapping and hiding presents. This means you will have to designate another place in your home for these purposes.

Once you have made up your mind to keep the hustle out of your bedroom, decide how you would like to decorate. Do you want your room to be a romantic getaway or a traditionally decorated Christmas room of its own? Do you want a winter wonderland or a lodge-like hideaway? Determining what you want your room to reflect will decide your decorations.

A special, holiday exclusive romantic getaway can be achieved by simulating a luxurious lodge. A plush wool Flotaki rug with wrought iron candle stands topped with ivory candles, a deep basket with cranberry and forest colored Afghans and your music player loaded with orchestral holiday songs will provide an instant romantic getaway in your own bedroom.

A winter wonderland can be created in your room with a pale down comforter, gauzy curtains and silvery pillows. Use a light colored area rug or a rug interspersed with silver threads to highlight a sitting area. Add hanging icicle ornaments from your light fixtures. Let your textiles be cool in color and add warmth with nubby throw pillows intermingled with ice blue satin pillow shams.

A traditional Christmas decorated room might be just what you wish for your bedroom. Adding a Christmas tree that is decorated and lit atop a festive area rug can give you a special Christmas area in your own bedroom. Christmas colored rugs placed along the sides of a bed topped with a handmade coordinating quilt can help carry that theme throughout the room.


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