50 Amazing Christmas Stockings Ideas For Décor

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Christmas stockings are a fun tradition that brings added excitement to the Christmas season. Some families hang theirs as they decorate their homes, waiting for Santa to arrive and fill them on Christmas Eve. Other families choose to hang theirs at the last minute, just hours before the big guy arrives. No matter what your family tradition is, those stockings have a big job to do. Their job is to contain the smallest of presents – often those that can bring the biggest of smiles.

Styles vary from the traditional plush reds, golds and greens, to fun and unique to reflect the personality of the person who receives it. A fun stocking can be a great twist on the Christmas gift basket idea or you can fill a pretty themed stocking with treats for a hostess gift.

A fun hostess gift might include salsa, a bag of gourmet corn chips, and some spicy cheeses. You could create a stocking hostess gift for nearly any theme. A golf themed gift stocking would be great for that hard-to-buy for person on your list.

Handmade Christmas stockings are available in nearly any theme you can imagine – with hundreds of options available. Sure, you can always find a cheap “Made in China” option at any store, but where is the tradition in that? Handmade decorations gives a traditional glow to your holidays while helping to support an American artisan.

Stockings can come in a wide variety of fabrics as well. Perhaps recycled wool is your style – or even cashmere.

Of course, there are large Christmas stockings too – for holding those really big or long presents that just don’t look right wrapped in paper under the tree. You can use a large Christmas stocking to hold a golf club, a paintball gun, or a fancy cane. Many big or long presents look great “wrapped” in a fancy stocking. Of course, you can also wrap a lot of really inexpensive items in a large stocking – such as tiny cereal boxes as a gag gift or fill the stocking with balls of recycled office paper – with a special gift right at the toe of the stocking.

No matter your taste in Christmas stockings, you are sure to find one that is perfect for you or the person you are shopping for. When you hang your stocking with care, consider using stocking holders to help hold up your stockings – you can find them in hundreds of different styles and again, there is sure to be one that is perfect for your needs. Sure, a nail or cuphook in the mantle will hold up your stockings, but a stocking holder has more style – and it won’t damage your mantle piece!


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