50 Comfy Christmas Entryway Decor Ideas

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Bogged down by the daily routine of juggling a professional life and raising a happy & healthy family, most people forget how easy and fun it can be to prepare their home for Christmas. By employing a few easy-to-follow tips, and engaging members of the family with planning and decorations, the preparation process for a Christmas guest can be a rewarding and hassle free activity.

A little organization and time management can make your home bright and festive for the Christmas holiday, and create an environment where your family and guest will feel warm and welcome. With the help of a pencil and notepad, and maybe a few personal elves, you can be sure that your home will be lively and merry in time for the holidays!

Your decorative scheme should unravel from within, displaying ornaments of tremendous personal significance on the inside, like decorative family portraits, family-traditional Christmas tree decorations, which are ubiquitous in almost every culture, your grandmother’s tapestry, etc., and ending with a visually stimulating outside space.

Brightening up the outside of your home with a few, easy-to-do cleaning chores can provide the backdrop for your Christmas decorations. Sweep away old cobwebs, remove the faded chrysanthemums from Thanksgiving, and eliminate any decomposed foliage from the front yard. Wrap lush, evergreen garland around the front entrance of your home, and supplement the decoration with bows of the color scheme you have chosen.

Add color to the entryway with a traditional, decorative wreath, a Christmas theme outdoor rug, and a few pots of poinsettias. This design is neither expensive, nor time consuming, and most importantly makes your home visually robust, which will undoubtedly resonate well with your family budget, guest, and neighbor.

Bring the foyer to life, by putting Christmas cheer into your home to welcome the guest as soon as they arrive. Clear away the clutter that may have accumulated over the seasons, and encourage your family to maintain a clean, welcoming space for |everyone who passes through your home during the holidays; after all, first impressions are important!

Add an area rug filled with the quintessential tones of Christmas, and place a small table covered with aromatic confections that will offer your guests salvation from the frigid winter chill. Baskets filled with pine cones provide harmonious scents and texture, and bring a breadth of decoration possibilities to your home.

Usher your guest into the living room using colorful floor runners that display scenes of a winter wonderland, or denote the full spectrum of the Christmas experience.

You can light up a living room with the Christmas cheer simply by adding accents to the existing d├ęcor: place pillows in Christmas colors on your sofa and loveseat, and add colorful throws that bring an undercurrent of modesty and a tide of warmth to any room.

Place a neutrally colored area rug in front of the fire, one that has ribbons of silver or gold thread; and watch the threading glimmer beneath the warm glow of the fire.


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