48 Pretty Outdoor Christmas Table Settings Ideas

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If you want to create a unique outdoor dining area in your yard or on your spacious deck, you may need a little help creating the perfect space. Luckily, we have a few tips that will ensure you love your dining area and will make you want to eat outdoors all the time.

Ideas For Your Dining Area

Creating the perfect outdoor dining area is not a one-step process. If you want it to be unique, it involves more than just setting up a dining table on your deck.

1. Make Sure There Is Shade- One of the first steps to creating a great dining space is to choose a shady spot. You don’t want to get sunburn while you are eating, and a little shade will mean you will be more comfortable. If you are setting your dining area up in the yard, place it near some trees or in a gazebo. If the dining area will be on your deck, use an awning to provide some shade.

2. Separate Your Dining Area From the Rest of the Yard– If you are going to be dining in your yard, separate the dining space from the rest of the yard. This does not have to be big. Simply using gravel in that area and surrounding it with bricks can be the perfect way to create a separate space.

3. Accessible to Kitchen- Unless you want to wear yourself out running long distances back and forth between the kitchen and your outdoor dining space, it is important that you place your dining area near the kitchen. This will make it easier to grab the food, supplies, and drinks you need frequently. For extra convenience, you may even want to create an outdoor kitchen area.

4. Use Outdoor Fireplaces- On those cold fall nights, use an outdoor fireplace to keep warm. You will be able to use the dining area longer throughout the year.

5. Create a Sound Ambiance- Don’t want to listen to the sounds of the neighbourhood or traffic rolling by? Place a fountain near your dining area so you can listen to the beautiful sounds of trickling water.

6. Make Use Of Outdoor Elements- Use all of the flowers, bushes, and trees around your dining area to enhance your décor. After all, you are outdoors.

7. Consider Your Privacy- Plant some bushes around the dining space or set up a small privacy fence so you can eat dinner without the neighbour’s dog staring at you from the next backyard.

8. Use Fabric- Fabric can be a great decorating tool. Drape it over your dining chairs, create an intimate privacy fence by draping it over tree limbs, or use it to turn your ordinary gazebo into a magical wonderland.

9. Lighting is Important- The right lighting is important. Make sure your lighting is pretty, but functional. This will allow you to sit around your outdoor dining table longer into the night. Use candles, hang lanterns from trees, or hang Christmas lights all around the dining area.

10. Dare to Dream- Just because no one else has tried it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Don’t get stuck living out someone else’s dream. Dare to be different. If you want to change your whole backyard into a private dining sanctuary, you can. If you want to put a dining space in your front yard, don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done. Be as creative as you possibly can.


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