47 Stylish Vegetable Garden Design Ideas You Must Try

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Traditionally, Vegetable Garden Designs have always been a smaller replica of the full sized farms and particularly plants with straight rows marching from side to side over the entire plot.But on the other hand, there is absolutely no reason why if the need arises and the required growing conditions are met that you cannot design your very own veggie garden the way you want to.

Most of the vegetables can be grown successfully in irregular Vegetable Garden beds, borders and even for that matter, containers and therefore you only limitation in these circumstances is the need of the individual plants that you want to use.

The being said, there are a few general considerations that you must be aware of when you are working your Vegetable Garden Design.

In most of the areas, it is better and should I say, good practice, to prepare the soil for plating in the fall and the area that you select for gardening must have adequate drainage. You should avoid shade as much as possible as the vegetables that you will be growing will need at least 8 full hours of sun on a daily basis.

If you are unable to avoid some shade, then you can still plant a few leafy vegetables like carrots or lettuce successfully. You will want to keep a hose bib as your new garden will be thirsty. Also, you need to stay away from trees as they will create far too much shade and will also compete with your newly planted vegetables for resources such as water.


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