48 Modern Rustic Style Decor Ideas To Update Your Home

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Every person has terms they use to talk about home décor. Country, Colonial, Early Americana, contemporary, etc., each term is dedicated to its own style. The one term that is lost in the shuffle of decorating is “rustic décor”.

When people think rustic décor! They think of the log cabin, an old farm house, items that looked aged. All those things are very rustic and they are sure to make one feel that they are in a rustic living quarters, however many other styles of rustic décor are an option.

Using rustic items around the home or you cabin adds a great deal of warmth to ones heart. Rustic items can be used with many other décor designs such as country, contemporary, classic and in some cases the art deco look. You can rest assured that your rustic piece will add some warmth, charm and uniqueness to your decorating style.

Some of these tips might help you out when you are decorating with the rustic theme.
Rustic items are textural; you should add it in small amounts. A full room of rustic décor is a bit much to take in. By adding it in small amounts you allow each piece to stand out and shine.

You can add a switch plate cover to blend in with a rustic lamp or you may want to group some rustic items around a fireplace. We have found placing some pine cones in an old pale works great for the rustic look by the fireplace.

Consider using rustic accent pieces around the house, such as a coffee table or an end table, mirrors, coat hooks, or other accessories in such rooms as a guest room or the bathroom. By using small accessories like this you are not committing yourself to an entire houseful of rustic items.

Try adding some rustic décor to your dinning table. In the form of candle holders, baskets or place a few pinecones in a basket for the center piece. If you can picture a nice dinner with a fire in the back round! You are on your way to a perfect back drop for rustic décor that you and your guests will love.

Let’s not forget about out doors as well. On your patio in the back or your front porch, both of these places also can be decorated in the rustic theme. For the seating you can use a log bench or an iron bench, these both look great if you have a vine plant around them. After all this type of bench will look better then the plastic ones we all see.

Decorating isn’t just about overhauling a home; it can also be about refreshing the small areas of your home. Chances are by adding some rustic décor to those areas will add charm and warmth to any style you choose. People are drawn to certain styles, and there is something to be said about rustic décor. You should always have fun with your rustic items. Incorporate your rustic touches to put and individual signature on your home.


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