48 Cozy Mid Century Bedroom Design Ideas For Interior Design

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You can get a lot of country oak bedroom furniture across the world. It has been known that oak is a popular choice for furniture since medieval times. It is a popular choice in furniture making because it is plentiful, durable and opposed to to insects and fungus.

There are around 450 species of such trees and shrubs of the genus Quercus. This tree has been found throughout the northern climates and in the high-altitude regions of the tropics. Some of the basic uses of it are in floorboards, wood paneling, chairs, beds and tables. This wood has simple forms and ornate ones too.

The country furniture has been used commonly in homes since the early 16th century to the mid-17th century and is also known as the Age of Oak in furniture design. The two main common kinds of design types which emerged in this age include the Tudor and the Jacobean. There is no doubt that the age of this furniture is unending.

The country furniture is carved decoratively or it has painted ornamentation. In the Tudor age, the scale of furniture became larger and profligately ornamented. There are some new styles of furniture which began in 1928 and this had been called the Renaissance Oak period.

Then there is the Mission Style which has emerged around this time, near the turn of the 20th century. This one comes with a clean, straightforward design style, which has been ornamented with inlays of other wood types. The Tudor style was seen in the 16th and 17th century England. This had been an expanding middle class style, where one can afford more extravagant furnishings. This has been in high demand, and includes an era of chairs, chests of drawers, etc.


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