47 Charming Valentines Day Outdoor Decorations Ideas

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Every holiday comes with its own brand of décor. It’s part of getting into the fun spirit of the holiday. The decorations themselves not only set the theme, but make up a large part of how fun the holiday actually is. There are stores, nowadays, devoted solely to holiday decorations. Here is a rundown of what you might need.


This, of course, is the biggest holiday of them all. The first things that come to mind are a pine tree (fake or real) and lights for the outside of the home and the indoor tree. The popular thing, nowadays, are led lights that show very bright colors. They last a long time and use less energy. The led icicle lights look great.

People are also getting into Christmas scenes. The big box stores carry large blow up decorations for the yard. You might also find a large nativity set or Santa and some reindeer. The point is to make it fund and attractive without spending too much money.


Thanksgiving means that fall is over and that winter is going to arrive soon. It is memorable to make decorations from fall items. For example, a wreath out of pine and holly would be a good idea. The point is that you display the fall and appreciate what the summer has brought to you. Fall leaves and plants are brightly colored and that makes them ideal to use. Scarecrows and corn are also some of the most used items.


We used to hang a giant spider up in the tree. We made the spider of stuffed plastic bags and then used some cotton for the spider web. It is also fun to write scary things on the sidewalk with chalk. One time we wrote the word boo on the outside of our house with chalk, but it never came out. Be careful how you use the chalk.

Halloween is a fun time to carve pumpkins. You can also buy clever lighted pumpkins that look great and last for years. The unique thing about Halloween is that many people incorporate scary music into the outdoor atmosphere. You don’t find that happening a lot with Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Fourth of July

The main theme, of course, is the flag. A lot of people will at least display a flag in the front of their home. Other people will go as far as to plant red white and blue flowers for the landscaping for a patriotic theme. Flowers that are in season such as Petunias and Peonies are a good idea.

New Births

How about displaying a stork sign in your front yard when you have a new birth? Some companies will actually come around and display the sign for you to help announce the new birth. It is a fun gift to give one of your expecting friends.

Other Holidays

People display décor for just about any holiday. You can find leprechauns around St. Patricks day and heart awnings around Valentines day. You just won’t find as many people doing it. The important thing is to find something that suits you and to pick the holidays that you enjoy most. If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can display for all of them.

Final Tips

Holidays are meant to get together with friends and family and to spend quality time together. The décor helps to make the process more fun. Make sure and let others help you decorate because it helps everyone to feel part of the holiday.


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