46 Incredible Diy Decor Ideas For Valentines Day

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The Do-It-Yourself concept is slowly, but steadily, changing the jewellery and accessories market. A few years ago, the average fashionistas would have rejected the idea of wearing handmade items, simply because, no matter how beautiful they were, they were associated with hippies and people who couldn’t afford to buy from jewellery stores.

But how many times have changed! Today, do it yourself jewellery and the DIY concept in general, for that matter, are getting more and more popular. And rightfully so, because private designers have proven more than once that with a little bit of imagination and a few cheap tools you can create truly stunning items.

The DIY topic is a very large one and it’s very difficult to capture all its elements in one go. There are countless ways to use elements and hundreds of materials to choose from, so if you plan to experiment with a handmade project, you should start with small steps.

If you’re not the best at crafts, start with small ribbons, because they’re easy to use, you can incorporate them in just about everything and they’re not messy to handle.

One of the basic purposes of the handmade trend is to obtain beautiful items with as little money as possible, so it’s not uncommon for designers to re-use items they have around the house. However, if you have some leftover ribbon, you shouldn’t expect it to be enough.

For best results, look online for rolls of at least 25 meters. These will last for months and you can use them for various projects. The most popular DIY idea with this material is by far jewellery. You can create beautiful necklaces and bracelets by weaving together different types of printed ribbons and adding tiny details such as beads, pearls and pendants.

If you have a little daughter, you can create beautiful head accessories using bows. For example, you can use some glue to stick one or more ribbons on a headband and make it look fancier.

Few people know just how diverse lacing can be. Many imagine that you don’t have a lot of options to choose from, apart from the traditional solid colours. You do, however. You can find a roll of ribbon for just about any occasion, including weddings, birthdays, Valentine’s day and Christmas.

This way, you can customize simple gifts and make them more personal. You can even start your own handmade business. If jewellery sounds too mainstream, then you can try handmade cards, office accessories, bookmarks or gift boxes.

Take any everyday object and try to look beyond its apparently common look. Spice up it up using simple decoration and see how seemingly boring objects transform underneath your eyes. The best part is that with one small investment you can even start to make a living.

There are countless success stories of people who started a DIY business as a hobby and started making profit, because people prefer the beauty and charm of handmade products to the generic items found at every corner.


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