48 Unique Diy Kitchen Decorating Ideas For Your Inspirations

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If you’re remodeling your kitchen on your own, you may want to considering adding a nice kitchen back splash. This is a great way that you can add some great character to the kitchen and they are functional as well.

Of course, the one you choose is going to be based upon the style you want for the kitchen and your personal taste as well. Here are five great ideas that you may want to consider using in your own kitchen as you remodel.

Idea #1 – Slate
One great idea for your kitchen back splash is slate. Slate has been used for many years for a variety of home projects and now many people are using it in kitchens today. The lovely deep charcoal color adds beauty to any kitchen and the sheen it provides really looks great, especially in kitchens that use lighter colors. It’s easy for you to take care of and it is very durable as well, making it a great choice.

Idea #2 – Stainless Steel
If you’re going for a modern look or a contemporary style, stainless steel makes a great option for your kitchen back splash. It looks sleek, clean, and beautiful. You can find self stick tiles available in stainless steel, which means it is incredibly easy for you to install. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on installation, this is a perfect choice for your kitchen remodeling project. It’s easy to clean these tiles as well with a bit of window cleaner and they’ll look bright and shiny when you’re done.

Idea #3 – Glass Tiles
Another great idea is glass tiles. You can find them in about any color so they’ll go along with the rest of your kitchen decor. Since they reflect the light, if you have a lot of light in the kitchen, you’ll have a great look. It’s pretty easy to maintain the glass with some glass cleaner too.

Idea #4 – Paint
For those who have a really tight budget for their remodeling project, paint can be an option. You can just paint in the back splash, making it look like one is there but without the cost. You can check out various faux finishes to find one that you like. Check online for design ideas and then simply purchase the paints that you need. You can get different effects, just with paint, such as tile, marble, or even a brick effect.

Idea #5 – Stickers
Maybe you already have an existing back splash in place. Instead of ripping it out and putting in a new one, you can easily change it up with some stickers that are self adhesive. You will find them in various designs, and you can add them to make it look brand new without a lot of work or money involved.


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