49 Smart Office Shelf Decor Ideas

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Spend a little bit of time in a small office space and you know that it can become cluttered and unorganized very quickly. I’ve occupied very small offices for approximately 30 years so I know how important it is to keep that space as organized as possible.

I have incorporated three different types of cubicle shelves in my office and have found that as far as organization is concerned, they are the perfect cubicle accessories to keep my office space in an organized state.

1. Hanging Shelf
About a year ago, I came across a hanging cubicle shelf in an office magazine and I thought that it would be a great addition to my cubicle. So, I found one on Amazon, read the reviews, and learned that it probably would be perfect for small office items that were at that time filling up my desktop. The specifications stated that 5 lbs would be a maximum load for this type of shelf and I thought that this would be fine for my needs.

So, I purchased one for my office cubicle walls. It worked like a charm for me. I was able to hang it in my office easily and I now have my daughters’ pictures right at eye level as well as some other small knickknacks that I have picked up over the years. It is solid with these small items and what is even better is that my desk is clean.

2. Desk Shelf
Another office organizational item that I picked up a while back is a desk shelf. Since my office is very small, being able to store books and other office items on top of the desk shelf and also beneath the shelf tends to maximize the space that I am allotted. I love it and I can move it anywhere in the office that works for me.

3. Corner Shelf Unit
Within a cubicle or a small office, it is wise to make good use of the corners. I picked up a great little corner shelf unit for my office that can actually be used on its side or on its end. However you decide to use it, it will allow you to take advantage of the space in the corner of your office cubicle. I love mine and it allows me to keep books, file folders, and other office items in one convenient corner shelf unit.

Your small office can be enhanced with strategic, storage-related cubicle accessories. Consider looking into the various cubicle shelving units available today and your office just might end up being a highly productive area regardless of the square footage!


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