48 Amazing Hawaiian Home Decorating Ideas For Home

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The radiant sunshine, the luxurious sand…the beautiful aqua ocean. Yes, I am talking about the world’s favorite vacation spot, Hawaii.

We wait all year round to pack our bags and relax on these islands, but why not bring them home with you? Here a few unique Hawaiian Decorating ideas to bring that serene island style to your everyday life!

  1. Coconut Theme – A staple for Hawaiian flavor, the coconut has been a part of traditional Hawaiian décor for ages and the look never seems to grow old. You can find many unique accents to fit into your décor such as candles holders, accentuating dish set, or even spoon sets.
  2. Turtle Theme – The turtle theme could be the perfect way to lighten your room with a historic treasure that many find absolutely exotic. Bring in rich woods possibly featuring deep green colors, sand textures and colors, along with colors of the sea such as turquoise or ocean blue.
  3. Pineapple theme – The colors, texture, and overall design of a pineapple is perfect for any tropical Hawaiian décor theme. You can accentuate using carved wood, go natural with actual pineapple displays, and draw in on some of the striking colors it can tie into your room. Get creative and experiment with pineapples to see what might serve as the perfect center piece.
  4. Tikis – The traditional symbolism of Tikis can give your home the spiritual feel you wish to represent to every guest. When using Hawaiian décor accents such as these take advantage of the chance to choose based on what the design means to you. This is an excellent chance to give your room a true significance.
  5. Masks – The unique look of tribal masks can give the room a Hawaiian style with a bit of mystical flair. Group a collection of masks on your wall for a truly primitive feel. Give your guests something to talk about when they enter your home.
  6. Shells – Coming in hundreds of shapes, sizes and colors shells are a genuine symbol of how exquisite natural beauty really can be. You can use shells to do almost anything in your Hawaiian décor. Accent ordinary pieces, add emphasis to an otherwise drab curtain, or even crush them up to create a mosaic piece exclusive to your own home.
  7. Silk Tropical Plants – Tropical plants are beautiful but taking care of them can sometimes lead to a big headache as you must be thorough in maintaining their every need. Try using silk tropical plants to give your room a permanent feel of the wonderful shores of Hawaii. wall hangings.


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