47 Pretty Bathroom Shower Tile Decor Ideas

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The easiest way to improve the style of one’s lavatory is through using bathroom shower tiles. The shower walls are perhaps made of glass but they still need tiles. There are different kinds of shower tiles in the market starting from the common bulk up to the extraordinary hand painted designs. Patterns can be made using these giving the bathroom an interesting and unique look.

Shower walls can be improved using porcelain or ceramic tiles. These are made with strong materials and can also be cleaned easily. Aside from this, they also add aesthetic value to your bathroom. You may also use stone, glass or marble to achieve a certain look. Shower tiles have different styles and different prices hence it will fit any type of budget.

Asking your local dealer is necessary before buying and installing shower tiles because he will help you choose the right type for your shower. Other than that, grout is also important in bathroom decorating. It comes in various colors and can match the tiles pretty well. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the grout with right color. The designs of your bathroom may be simple or grand depending on your preference. Below are some ways to design your bathroom using different tiles.

Beautiful patterns can be made by putting different tile-style together. Make sure that the ones you mix have the same thickness or it will result to a weird look. When you mix and match different materials, you are able to give your bathroom a customized look.

You can also beautify your bathroom using tiles with different shapes. There is no rule that states that you must only use square ones. You can give your bathroom a creative look by using other unique shapes and these shapes can also be used in creating wall patterns.

It is true that light colored tiles create the illusion of space for your bathroom. Such are best for small spaces. For big bathrooms, however, you can change its look by mixing two or three shades. You can make a mosaic using dark and light-colored ones or you can simply combine natural colors like green and blue.

Through trying various shower tile designing techniques, you can have a bathroom that calms the mind. It can also be a great place to relax after a tiring day.




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