42 Impressive Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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Home buyers get pickier everyday. Today’s home sellers need to do more preparing their homes for sale to compete. If you want to take small remodeling steps to sell your home or investment house, consider the bathrooms.

Powder Rooms or Guest Bathrooms Attract Buyers

One room to remodel that makes a difference in your property’s attraction to home buyers–the guest bathroom–takes little money to make a huge impact.

If you have a guest bathroom, play up this home feature in a big way for four reasons:

  1. Home shoppers often ask to use the bathroom. They spend more time viewing this space and examine it more closely than other rooms.
  2. Because the home buyer uses the space, they feel connected to the home. A positive connection rather than a feeling of “can’t wait to get out of here” makes the difference between a sale and the buyer moving on to the next house.
  3. You get a big bang for your buck in the small space. One gallon of paint goes along way and costs as little as $2 if you use oops paint. Besides paint, Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore sells sinks, toilets, mirrors, lighting fixtures, and cabinets at extreme discounted prices.
  4. Buyers’ choose the house that will impress their friends and family. An impressive guest bath fills the self-esteem need of your home buyer.

If you don’t have a guest bathroom–in other words the children’s bathroom does double duty–design this bathroom for adults. Children don’t need a cutesy nursery-theme bathroom. In fact, children love to feel grown-up!

Master Bathroom

Buyers love the larger master bathrooms they see in new tract homes. Counter to ceiling mirrors above the sink will make an older small bathroom feel larger. If you’re working with the typical small master bath, make it feel like a private spa retreat. Stage the bathroom with fluffy towels, exotic oils, and green plants.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

  • Get rid of old medicine cabinets.
  • Hang a huge framed mirror or mirror from counter to ceiling.
  • Paint walls and ceiling the same color to save time cutting in. Water colors like pale green-blue look great with white trim, which updates tired wood cabinets.
  • If you can’t get the stains out of a toilet, replace it. Hardware centers sell pumice stones to remove heavy stains if you don’t mind hard work.

Take a hard look at the bathrooms in your house and get busy making changes that will make buyers feel connected to your home. Preparing your home for sale makes a huge difference in attracting buyers.


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