39 Cozy Outdoor Concrete Furniture Ideas

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You have an outdoor area, specifically a garden, which you would like to enhance more to invite the beauty of nature in it. Aside from the outdoor garden furniture such as chairs, table with parasol, chaise lounge, you may also put a small water garden that will serve as your gateway to nature.

Moreover, you can put outdoor garden fountains that will create a focal point in your whole garden or patio. Garden fountains create a sort of paradise. It creates serenity because of the flowing water in it.

There are different outdoor garden fountains available depending on the size of your garden. Different styles, designs, shapes, sizes are very much available. You may look at online sites to check on these and ask help from a local garden designer so you will have an idea on aesthetics and designs of outdoor garden fountains.

Designs of outdoor garden fountains can range from classical to modern themes. They are used not only to beautify your garden but also create a visual interest in promoting relaxation. Before even designing your garden fountain, you should have an idea regarding its technicalities.

Things To Consider In Creating A Garden Fountain

1. Check the size of the garden. Your garden fountain size will first and foremost depend on this.

2. If you have a large garden or yard, then you can put a fountain in a water garden so to create more visual interest.

3. If your garden is just small, then a small garden fountain will do. You may put this in one corner of your garden or in the middle to serve as focal point.

4. Consider what style or theme you would like to implore in your garden fountain. Match it with the style of your garden or your home. It may be historically inspired with matching stone angel statues and others.

5. Check the type of stones or rocks you will put in your garden fountain. Remember that stones are also an essential part in enhancing your garden fountain so it is recommended that you choose stones that have a good look and color.

6. Next, put plants that will match evenly with the stones and the water flowing in the fountain. This will create a good surrounding in your fountain and so the taller the plants that you will put, the better.

7. The materials you will execute in your garden fountain can be made from treated wood, porcelain, stone, concrete or fiberglass. If you have an extra budget to spend, then a ceramic type of garden fountain is a good option to use.

How To Make A Garden Fountain

1. Make sure that there is electricity access for the garden fountain to operate.

2. A pump is also needed for a gentle pressure.

3. Purchase 2 millstones from landscape design companies.

4. Get a container that is a little larger than your grindstone. This will serve as an area for water to run over the stones and back.

5. Choose the location of your garden fountain and dig a hole for the liner placement.

6. Level your liner and fill the hole you have dug.

7. Put the pump in the core of the liner.

8. You may put stones or rocks on top of the liner. Securing the pump is very important

9. Put plants on the edge of the liner.

10. Put a lot of water in the liner, as this will evaporate soon.


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