42 Relaxing Summer Table Setting Ideas

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Most of the time when you are eating dinner with your family you will simply sit around the table, pass the food around and happily dig in. However, what about those special occasions when you have invited relatives, friends or colleagues over for a special meal?

Perhaps you are having a Christmas or Easter meal or a formal dinner party. Do you know how to dress up your table so that it looks elegant and sophisticated?

By adding a few special finishing touches to your dinner table you can transform it from casual to classy. Aside from setting your table with the right arrangement of forks, spoons and knives, here are a few ideas that you can incorporate for a beautiful and elegant dinner table:

Table Cloths
You might be amazed by what a difference a very nice table cloth makes when you are setting your table. Covering up the bare surface of the table with a lace, linen or woven cloth will conceal and imperfections in your table and give it a unified and more “dressed up” look. A high quality table cloth will be the base for your look, a blank canvas onto which you can add all of the beautiful and decorative place settings.

There are many different types of table cloths out there, so you might want to have a few depending on the occasion. You might have a playful summer table cloth in a bright colour or floral print, as well as a more formal and subdued table cloth.

Another way to really dress up your table is to add a beautiful centrepiece. This is a decorative display that goes at the middle of the table and adds visual interest. A common centrepiece is flowers, but this is not the only way to go. You could fill a decorative fish bowl with water and have candles floating in it or you could use a striking sculpture or candle holder. For a Christmas dinner, you could have a decorative display with seasonal items like pinecones, holly and poinsettias.

When choosing a centrepiece, make sure that it is not too tall so that people sitting across the table cannot see each other. A pretty centrepiece should never get in the way of good conversation.

Name Cards
Another little finishing touch that you can add to your table to make it a lot more formal is to print off the names of your guests and make little name place cards for the table. These can be easily done on your home computer with a little bit of card stock, but they really make a big impact! You can even make each place card personalised with a little picture or a note for that person.


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