37 Fantastic Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

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Mirrors are a fantastic way of accessorizing your bathroom. This can be attributed to the exquisite elegance they give to your bathroom; transforming it to a beautiful room you will be willing to spend hours in. Apart from this aesthetic role, they also allow you view yourself while applying those facial creams that keep you looking radiant. Additionally, wall mirrors can be optimized in making your bathroom look bigger than it is, just in case yours is small sized.

There is a rather large variety of bathroom wall mirrors available in the market. They vary in shape, style, design, make and size. Of course they are also available in a wide range of prices. So how does one go about selecting the appropriate mirrors for the bathroom? To effectively answer this question, some points need to be considered and they include:

The size of your bathroom: Just like any other room, bathrooms differ in sizes from home to home. Selecting a suitable wall mirror for your bathroom requires you to know what size the available space can accommodate. The good news however, is that, no matter the size of your bathroom, there are several mirrors that can fit in. but you need to measure the available space first.

Your preferred style: There are several wall mirrors available to cater to whatever style you desire. By the way, style refers to the decorative theme you prefer for your bathroom. If your choice is contemporary or modern, there is a mirror for you. Likewise, if yours is traditional or colonial, there is also a suitable mirror for you.

Your preferred size and shape: Regardless of the size of your bathroom, they come in different sizes and shapes. There are large sized, medium sized and small sized mirrors to cater to your taste. You may decide to consider mirrors that span the entire length of the wall or maybe small sized mirrors that can be affixed to your bathroom walls at strategic locations. Also, you may decide to go for oval, circular, square, or rectangular wall mirrors. This will be dependent on the one that best fits your bathroom.

Your budget: you have to decide how much you are willing to spend-and abide by it. The prices of wall mirrors vary, and having a scale in mind helps keep you in line and not get carried away. A good place to start is on the Internet. Be sure to visit several sites and make adequate comparisons.


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