47 Comfy Color Harmony Ideas For Living Room

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Living room is the most important room of our home. Selection of colour represents our individual tastes and has an impression on the viewer about our likes and dislikes. Much entertainment, guests and family get-togethers are in the living room and this is the heart of the home.

Selection of colour and paints for the living room depends on how the social life of the family is. Very social families have the living room bright and colorful whereas private and cozy families who do not entertain much need soft universal colours for peace and family harmony.

Our living room gives the first impression about our status, lifestyle and family priorities. Selection of bright colors makes the room energy high and is good for entertaining and welcoming guests. Accessories can also be very colorful and highlight the room. A good painting can help increase the interest level of the lining room as well as be a good focal point.

If the family winds up in the evenings and watch television it is important to help them relax and have good conversation. Living room colours must not be too harsh on the eyes as then people tend to spend less time here. Keeping in mind the lifestyle and purpose of the use of this room is the main guideline for selection of paint color.

Nowadays new ideas have come up for decorating the room. It is not just painting with a required color, but also shading, textures, prints etc have made an impact in the paint world. Selecting one wall for textures or the opposite walls with a darker or lighter colour has become the trend. Using stones, tiles and different sand textures also make an attractive base to display good paintings and other pieces of art.


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