41 Lovely Summer Planter Ideas For Home

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As the summer comes to an end and we begin to put away the patio furniture and barbeque, you think of all the work you did to keep your property looking good from spring to autumn and how dull the yard can look over the winter months. It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can bring color to your garden by choosing hardy plants that produce flowers, when most other plants are dormant, that will bring life and interest into your garden. The type of winter blooming plants you use will depend on the temperature range of the region you live in.

Before you put away your plant hanger or patio planter for the winter, remove the now dead summer flowers and replace with any of the following winter blooming plants; Winter Flowering Pansies, Ivy, Polyanthus or Primrose, the Polyanthus will give a bit more height then the primrose or ivies.

For the centre of the pot a Winter Cherry (Solanum) or Erica Gracilis will do very nicely. Under the plant or plants you choose, add crocus around the edge. Be sure your plant hanger is durable enough to withstand the winter elements. Winter winds can also cause the soil to dry out, so check the soil’s moisture regularly. It is not necessary to feed your plants through the winter.

If using live plants is not an option, dried flowers work as well, and are a fun way to decorate for the changing seasons and holidays, be sure the flowers are anchored in some way as not to blow away in the wind.

Stick with flowers and colors of the season, for example sunflowers, chrysanthemums, fall leaves and branches with yellows, reds and oranges in autumn. Change up your hanging planter, patio planter and even your window boxes at Christmas with poinsettias, holy branches and mini lights.

Not only does this bring your garden to life, but what a welcome home after a long day at work, or how inviting it would be for your guests when they arrive over the upcoming holiday season.


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