43 Stylish Weekend Walls Design Ideas

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If you look around your home, it’s likely that you’ll find many instances where you’ve used groupings to add visual interest and balance to your decorating scheme. Whether you’re arranging furniture pieces or hanging wall art, groupings just seem to be more interesting and appealing as compared to arranging items in a singular fashion.

If adding more visual interest to your walls is on your decorating “to-do” list, here are some tips you can use to create stylish and eye-catching wall groupings.

Experiment with Layouts

When creating a wall grouping, finding the exact arrangement can often be the key to the overall look. However, it can often be difficult to hit upon the perfect arrangement on your very first try. In fact, even experienced designers like to experiment with different arrangements and layouts before committing to the one that’s perfect.

When planning a wall grouping, it can be helpful to work out your ideas on paper first. This method can be far easier than working with the art objects themselves. Measure your pieces, then cut out newspaper shapes to represent each one. You can then experiment with various arrangements by lightly taping the shapes to the wall. Once you’ve found the perfect arrangement, hanging your art objects will be a breeze.

Mix it up a Bit

If you want to create a wall grouping with plenty of visual appeal, try mixing things up a bit. You can use everyday objects and “found” items to add more appeal and style to your wall groupings. For example, you could use vintage wooden letters to spell out words that fit in with the theme of your art grouping. Old keys, vintage hats, jewelry pieces, and even live plants can be used to create eye-catching wall groupings.

Small shelves can be mixed in with wall art pieces to provide more versatility when creating groupings. For example, if you are planning a grouping of vintage family photos, you could use a small shelf to display family mementos. Or, use a shelf to display a collection of small plants among your framed nature-themed art prints. You can also frame your grouping or box it in with candle sconces for an eye-catching and “finished” look.

Grouping Tips and Tricks

Although every grouping is a bit different, there are a few tried and true decorating tricks you can use to ensure beautiful results. Positioning the largest piece in the center of the grouping is one way to effortlessly add balance and visual appeal. The “rule of three” is a good one to keep in mind when creating wall groupings.

You can use this rule in a variety of ways, such as using three framed art prints or by using three different colors. In a traditionally styled room, it’s best to strive for a sense of symmetry in your wall groupings. However, if you prefer a more contemporary or eclectic style of decorating, casual arrangements often work best. When grouping items that have a mixed theme, try using color to blend them together.


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