46 Creative Contemporary Outdoor Design Ideas

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When you are designing an outdoor space, two of the most essential elements would be proper lighting and the right furniture. Choosing contemporary outdoor furniture for your outdoor patio or garden and adding the right lighting ambiance can turn your boring space into a dramatic wonderland. With a few simple touches that don’t even have to be expensive you can bring life to your outdoor space in no time.

It will be a home outside your home and a new place to spend quality time with your family and friends. Not only will this kind of setting save money on going to the restaurants and caf├ęs each time, but it will also bring you and your loved ones closer.

There are many different varieties of contemporary outdoor furniture available for your outdoor living space. You can choose from a variety of options like wicker furniture, rattan furniture, synthetic wicker furniture, plastic furniture, fiberglass furniture and hardwood furniture.

Choosing the perfect furniture items really depends on how much money you can spend and what kind of style you prefer. There is no need to go overboard if you don’t have the cash yet. Go for simple furniture pieces and be more creative with lighting and other elements of the ambiance to enhance the look of cheaper furniture pieces.

Lighting of course, is essential. Outdoor spaces can go really dark and you will need solar lights or some other form of lighting system. This way you can even make use of your patio at night and well into the evening. Also figure out whether you will be reading books or having dinner outside.

Do you want to create a space on for family and a couple of close friends or do you want to host parties and events with a large group of people? All this will dictate your choice of furniture as well as lighting. For reading purposes, floor lamps can do the trick but if you have a patio umbrella, then you can affix light fixtures in that too.

Other things that will add interest to your space are table lamps, solar lights and even Christmas lights hung from trees and patio umbrellas. You will also need to prepare for all the seasons. For winters you will need a fireplace to provide warmth, and this can also double up as a light source.

For rainy season, you will have to ensure some kind of protection like patio umbrellas with waterproof fabrics. Also make sure you buy protective covers for your outdoor furniture and cover them up when there is storm or snow. Some furniture types may also need protection from the rays of the sun when you are not using them. There are many options available for contemporary outdoor furniture that can withstand UV rays.


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