36 Beautiful Farmhouse Cabinets Ideas For Kitchen

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One of the best investments a home owner can make is in a kitchen renovation. From counter tops to appliances, there are many decisions to be made during a kitchen renovation. One of the most important decisions is what cabinets to install.

The cabinets will set the tone for any kitchen. The grain of the wood, the color, the styling all have a huge impact on the final product. The right cabinets can give your kitchen an expensive, clean and finished look.

One type of wood to consider is oak. There are many reasons why an oak cabinet kitchen remodel is the way to go. When making your decision, keep the following points in mind.

1. Appearance. Oak is a very attractive wood, primarily because of its grain. All woods can be stained to the desired color, but the real advantage of using oak cabinets is that no matter what color of stain, the grain will be clearly visible. Even with a rich, dark stain, oak cabinets will retain the distinctive look for which oak wood is so loved.

2. Durability. Real oak is a very solid wood. It has a greater density than most other woods. For homeowners, this means that oak cabinets will hold up over a longer period of time. This is especially important when it comes to kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are subjected to extreme conditions, steam and water, not to mention continual use. With proper sealing, oak will easily withstand such conditions all while retaining its integrity, making an oak cabinet kitchen remodel a wise choice.

3. Versatility. Oak is naturally a light colored wood with a strong grain. This makes oak cabinets ideal for customization. Oak looks attractive in a wide range of stains, from light to dark, and therefore can be colored to match any home’s decor. Better yet, as kitchen styles come and go, oak cabinets can be sanded down and stained a different color, giving oak cabinets an impressive longevity.

4. Resale. Oak wood has been a common furniture wood for centuries and is still very popular today. Because of this, oak cabinets are more likely to match a wider range of decorating styles, which can be useful when trying to sell a house. Some woods popular today are very trendy and may not retain their appeal in years to come, but oak has stood firm as a popular cabinet choice for quite some time.

5. Price. Any real wood used for cabinets is going to come with a hefty price tag and oak is no exception. However, because of oaks strength and versatility, oak can be a great investment. Quality oak cabinets will stay beautiful for years to come, making them well worth the cost.

These are just some of the reasons to consider an oak cabinet kitchen remodel. So the next time you think about redoing your kitchen, be sure to check out the strength and beauty of oak.


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