38 Luxury Black Shower Fixtures Ideas For Bathroom

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When choosing the color of bathroom tile you’ll want to be careful. It’s likely that you’ll have to live with your decisions for several years or even decades. You may even pass your tile choices onto the next homeowners. You may want to steer away from trendier materials and colors that will become dated quickly. This doesn’t mean that you have to have a boring bathroom.

Instead of going with a bold tile color go with a neutral tile and then mix it up with a bolder bathroom paint color. You might not even have a lot of wall space in your bathroom because of lots of white tile. This means that it can handle a more vibrant color. You’ll just want to choose a shade that doesn’t make you look sickly because you will be peering into the mirror in such a room.

For instance a Tuscan bathroom might have deep wood tones and a neutral travertine tile. You can paint a rich gold or terra cotta on the walls. You can change this out a lot easier than you’d be able to change out tile so you can afford to take a risk. Many stones like granite or slate have flecks of orange in them that will tie the room together.

Neutral bathroom color ideas don’t have to be boring. You just need to make sure that you make one big statement so that people can tell that you decorated instead of going with a default color palette. A black and white bathroom or all white bathrooms will endure the test of time assuming that you clean and maintain it properly. A lighter color may make a small bathroom feel bigger.

So if you have white fixtures, walls and trim play around with the scale to make things interesting. This might mean going with a white subway tile instead of a typical square ceramic. Subway tile is rectangular and evocative of vintage design. You can also use oversized tiles on the floor for added interest in the space.

The ceramic tile color could be dictating your bathroom color palette. This is especially unfortunate if the previous homeowner’s left you with a sea foam green or rose tile that you just don’t know what to do it. Instead of using the same color on the walls, break it up with a neutral color. Painting the same color on the wall will just make the room seem more oppressive and overbearing.

Instead you’ll want to change things like installing new bright white sinks and toilets to make the room feel contemporary. Then you can put frosted glass on the shower stall and even on the windows for a contemporary vibe. Change out the light bulbs for the brightest effect possible and then paint the walls a favorite neutral color so that your tile will go from a liability to an asset.

Choosing the right color for bathroom tile ensure that you’ll have a space that will withstand the test of time. Neutral colors don’t have to be boring. You just have to tie them in with a favorite design style or theme that you like to create a unique bathroom without breaking the bank.


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