33 Popular Farmhouse Coffee Tables Ideas

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Coffee tables are an essential part of every living room. They play roles from setting the balance visually in interior décor, to holding objects, and offering space for storage and display.

Rustic themed coffee tables are quite the rave now, considering the beauty these objects bring into dwelling spaces. Here is how you can pick the right rustic coffee table for your house with ease.

• Plan the budget

Rustic coffee tables can range from budget friendly to ultra-expensive. Depending on the kind of wood and the detailing, they can be pricey or affordable. Regular ones devoid of storage space, and mounted onto wooden legs are usually the basic and cheapest of these kind of tables. However, if you are revamping the interiors, and willing to spend a little extra, you can invest in a unique addition or masterpiece like wooden oak tables or reclaimed ones.

• Pick the right shape

Rustic coffee tables come in a wide variety of shapes. Rectangular and circular ones are however the most common. In homes that have children or pets, tables with curved edges are advisable, as these prevent injuries when someone falls or bumps into it. A round or oval shape gives a little more room to walk past, and also allows easy access from all seats around it.

• Choose an appropriate size

As with shape, the size of the coffee table, especially the length and height, are important. The length and width are best determined by the size of the room. They should be such that the table is neither too small nor too overwhelming, when placed in the center. The ideal height is about 1-2 inches lower than that of the seat of the couch. The standard height for rustic styled coffee tables is 16-18 inches and these pair well with a typical sized couch. A higher sofa requires a taller table, one that around 20-21 inches tall.

• Determine functionality

Another important factor that needs to be determined when selecting rustic tables is the functionality. It is advisable to know what the primary use of the piece of furniture will be – does it need to be more decorative or will it be used to provide storage? The choice of the table will vary according to this need. Tables that provide storage come with shelves, or drawers. Those for decoration usually lack storage, but feature a larger tabletop that can also hold stuff like glasses and plates without being tipped over.

• Select a preferred material

Wood is the most commonly used material on rustic coffee tables. A few of them though come in metal too, like iron. Wooden oness can be made from timber maple, oak, chestnut etc. Oak and maple provide a more rustic look than walnut and cherry that impart a slightly serious. Reclaimed wood also is a good choice as it gives a farmhouse, or barn like feel.

Rustic coffee tables are a beautiful addition to living spaces. With the above mentioned tips, you can select the best one for your home with ease.


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