34 Cozy Bathroom Lighting Ideas

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Before you buy another bulb to replace that one incandescent ceiling light in your bathroom, stop and think twice. Do you think you should still live with the same boring and poor lighting set you have in there for the next few years? Poor and bland lighting can only make your bathroom experience horrible.

Not only can you see poorly inside your toilet, shower or bath space, there is a lacking sense of comfort and coziness that you get from it.

You should know that bathroom lighting is an important matter. In order to get it right, you need to perfect the three elements of task, ambient and accent lighting. With only one set of light, surely you can’t achieve all those mentioned elements with great care. You can probably only hit ambient lighting but that wouldn’t even deliver full brightness to the room.

You see task lighting is critical because they provide and contain concentrated lights to specific areas where activities are done. Bathing in the shower section, reading in the commode and grooming in the vanity mirror need focused illumination so they can be done effortlessly and efficiently.

Ambient or general luminance is also important for this can guarantee safety and ease of movement inside the room. You might not have thought much about accent lighting but this one really helps in creating a cozy, romantic or fun vibe into your bathroom space.

Thus when you realize that you are lacking the proper lighting into your bathroom, don’t buy that spare bulb anymore. It’s about time that you get it right and introduce a whole new set of bathroom light fixtures to your space. There are so many choices that you can pick out that will help you achieve and address the three defining elements.

You can choose recessed light and track lights to give you full and concentrated beams into your shower and toilet zones. For your vanity, where make-up applications, hair styling and shaving can be done, you can fix up wall sconces on either side of the mirror.

General brightness into the room will never look so good and jaw-dropping when you can hang gorgeous small chandeliers and stylish pendant lights from the ceiling. When it comes to adding up accent tones, you can install under-cabinet lighting in those little shelves by the door or put up LED lights by the wall divider.

Perhaps, you can also direct some of those track lights towards the elegant tiled or marble walls to create character to the area.


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