36 Cute Fall Decorations Ideas

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Although some of us are still experiencing 90 degree weather, this is a great time of year to begin to play your fall home decorations.

If you have children like we do in the Giverny family, you will undoubtedly be hanging Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations for each holiday but you can carry you basic fall theme through the entire season as well.

Follow these few tips to create a great fall look for you home that will carry you for the entire season.

  • Use items from nature such as rocks, leaves, and pumpkins to decorate your home both inside and out.
  • Let kids participate in the fall decorating by painting a pumpkin for their room. With the help of an adult, kids can paint a wacky pumpkin face or, for the little ones, glue on foam cut-outs to bring their pumpkin to life.
  • Take a nature walk through the woods and pick up rocks, pine cones and colorful leaves for a quick wreath or great table display. Observe your natural setting for great inspiration.
  • Scented pine cones make a welcoming atmosphere for visitors when placed in cute baskets on the porch or foyer table.
  • Use tumble or rough stones in the bottom of a vase of flowers or in a bowl for a rustic accessory.
  • Use high-quality dried and artificial flowers so that your beautiful decoration last for years to come.
  • Match your floral d├ęcor to your climate. For example, if you live in a harsh climate artificial decorations will last the longest and look the best. If you are living in a moderate climate, dried, preserved or artificial flowers will look stunning.
  • When holiday arrive, simple add your ghosts, goblins and cornucopias to your beautiful fall decorations.


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