35 Magnificient Tile Texture Ideas For Wall And Floor

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Ok so your thinking about having some work done on your property (lets say you want someone to tile your bathroom walls and floor).

The first step is to ring around and ask three tilers to call around to have a look. Remember to be friendly as you want to make these people want to work at your house and do a very nice job of it too.

Theres nothing worse for a tradesman then working for people that you do not even like. They will rush through the job just to get out of there with your money. Leaving you with substandard workmanship.

Remember the more the tiler likes you the more chance you have of him wanting to do a nice job. Simple.

OK so now you have a tiler coming round this evening to have a look. Make sure that the place is clean and tidy and the room is empty. Send the kids to their bedroom ten minutes before he arrives. Would you want to spend the next few days tripping over boxes of all the new fixtures and fittings you’ve just bought for your bathroom? Or having kids screaming and running around the house while you spend the next few days there? No you wouldn’t, and neither will the tiler.

Generally, good tradesmen are busy people and they shouldn’t be to pushed for work. If they turn up to a job that could be a nightmare theres only one thing thats going to happen. The quote will skyrocket. Personally I would never turn a job down because of this but I would up the quote if I’m not to interested in the job in the first place. If I get it I’m going to be on good money if not I haven’t really lost anything have I?

When he arrives at the door smile, shake hands and invite him in. Make him a cup of tea or coffee ask if he had trouble finding the place. Make him feel welcome. Show some trust and leave him alone while he measures up the bathroom. Ask him to give you a shout when hes done. Then have a chat about what you had in mind.

Its very hard to measure up when you’ve got people talking to you at the same time and makes me think they will be interrupting me throughout the job. Meaning its going to take longer to finish so I’d allow an extra days money.

Once you’ve been through this three times you will have three different quotes. You should also have an idea of who you trust and would like to carry out the work. Give him, a call tell him you were very impressed with him and that you would really like him to do the tiling.

Another thing to bare in mind is whether you will be there during the day whilst he is working, If you are offer to make him lunch and cups of tea for a small reduction in the price. You will be surprised how often this offer will be taken up. Think about it, if he has to go to the cafe everyday hes going to lose an hour per day if you make him a couple of sandwiches he can keep working longer and maybe finish sooner. So everyones a winner.

The key is to get him to like you, make him want to do the job and show willingness to help make his day as easy as possible.

I hope this has helped some of you.


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