33 Unique Simple Balcony Decor Ideas For You

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A unique and versatile way to garden is container gardening. Almost everyone loves and appreciates growing things. Whether it is a beautiful flower, vegetable, tree or shrub. Container gardening is a great way to add a spot of color to your home, patio, deck or yard. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a small apartment, have a small yard in the city or a country estate with lots of acres.

Too often folks think they cannot have a garden or for that matter grow anything. However, just the opposite is true. All it takes is the interest, a few pots, plants, potting soil, with a little water and sunshine and you can be a gardener.

Container gardening is easier and less time-consuming than traditional gardening. Forget the plowing, hoeing and digging generally associated with starting a garden. Instead, look for a variety of pots that will serve as the container. As for gardening tools, a simple trowel will do the job.

Choosing the containers is one of the fun things to do. You can keep it simple and purchase simple pots at a nearby garden shop or you can purchase elaborate containers that also enhance your deck or patio or be incorporated into your landscaping. The constraints in choosing the containers are determined mostly by your imagination, your wallet and your location.

Fortunately, there is no right or wrong way when it comes to choosing containers. In fact, any vessel that will hold the potting mix qualifies as a container. Have fun and be creative by looking at unorthodox things, such as an old tire or tub, that might be repurposed as a container. Any shape or size can work, as well as most materials. Keep in mind, however, that plastic pots or fiberglass, which are lighter weight, may be easier to move, if necessary, and may be a good choice for a small deck or balcony.

Some of the more elaborate stoneware containers may be better suited to a more or less permanent location on a patio or in the yard simply because they will become too heavy to maneuver once they are filled with soil and plants.

The good news is that any plant will do well in a container. It is just a matter of matching the plant with a pot that is large enough, but not too large, to accommodate the plant’s root system. The only plant that will not do well in a container is a large tree. Dwarf varieties of the plants that do require more space, such as lemons, can still be grown in containers and small spaces.

Last but in no way least, you must, as with any garden, consider sunlight. Here you will need to determine the amount of sunlight required by the plant and compare that with the amount of sunlight your location provides. For example, a deck or patio may have full sunlight most of the day, whereas, a balcony may provide only sunlight in the morning or afternoon.

Once you have determined the amount of sunlight available in your location, you can choose plants that will thrive there. Edibles, such as tomatoes, will naturally require more sunlight. Both black mondo grass and impatiens offer a good choice for balconies lacking sunlight.

A popular trend in container gardening is combining multiple plants in one pot. This method requires making sure all the plants sharing a container share a similar need for sun and watering. This will make it much easier to maintain them. This method also affords the opportunity to mix plants of different heights which results in a beautiful arrangement.


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