33 Elegant Summer Decorating Ideas For Your House

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Summer decorating projects should add freshness to your home without bogging you down with more projects during an already busy season. Following are seven easy summer decorating ideas suitable for any budget:

1. Paint. Add color to a room by painting. To save time and money, try painting the focal wall in a room. It takes approximately one hour to paint one wall in an average size room.

2. No-sew. Use no-sew techniques to jazz up a room. Instead of sewing new pillow covers, pillows can be wrapped in a piece of unfinished fabric on the diagonal (like a present), then wrapped with a decorative ribbon to secure it. To create a new tablecloth, use duct tape to apply a temporary hem in flat sheets to make them fit your end tables and breakfast nooks.

3. Unclutter. Pack up knick knacks and collectibles and place them in a box. Replace three of your favorite items or collections and appreciate the less-cluttered look and feel.

4. Flowers. Find a sunny spot in your yard and sprinkle sunflower seeds. Not only will they enhance the look of your yard, but can also be cut to make fresh flower arrangements for inside your home. This will save you the expense of continuously buying flower arrangements.

5. Rugs and window treatments. Pick up any area rugs and take down window treatments for a cool, clean look. Be sure to leave blinds on your windows for privacy.

6. Furniture. Mix up your décor by moving furniture around. Borrow pieces from other rooms. Hang your good china on the wall as art, or try changing out your wall art.

7. Glass. Clean all glass areas in your home. Shiny glass surfaces contribute to a fresh summer look.

Try a few of these easy summer decorating ideas to welcome the summer season into your home.


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