35 Gorgeous Apartment Decor Ideas Made From Wooden You Can Do

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When you have limited floor space, you need to get creative with maximising it. If you have a one room studio apartment, and want to create some kind of separate living area, you may choose to use portable hinged dividers.

These can be made from a variety of materials including paper or hardwood. These dividers give you privacy where you may want to split a one room apartment into an entertainment area and a sleeping area.

Having the dividers as portable is a plus for when you want to open the room up. By simply moving the divider, you can create more space when you need it. Another way you can create space is the way you arrange your furniture.

It can act as a room divider itself. You can use a lounge to divide a room, with the back of it acting like a wall. With a modern side board or chest of drawers sitting behind it, you have added storage, a place to lay some decorative items, and the feeling of a separate area.

You could also use some sheer or heavy curtaining to divide a room. This can actually add to the decor if you choose fabrics and colors that compliment it. A smart looking wooden storage cupboard or book shelf can also be used to partition a room into sections.

Again, you’ll have the use of the shelves or cupboard for storage, which is always sorely needed in studio apartments. You can stain or varnish them or paint them in a color that compliments or contrasts with the rest of the apartment decor.


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