39 Perfect Laundry Room Designs Ideas For Small Space

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The laundry room is considered to be the smallest room in the house and it is also very useful to us. Regrettably there is so much going on in one small space that it may become cluttered in a short amount of time. There is a way that you will be able to design the perfect laundry room in your place that will put in everything you need.

Storage Space
One of the most crucial things that you need in this room is storage. You will have to have a place where you can place your detergent, iron, sewing supplies, and anything else that you might hold in there. You should have enough cabinets or drawers that will be able to hold it all.

Plainly it wouldn’t be a laundry room if you didn’t have the washer and dryer. If you are old school than you have the larger machines that sit beside each other. These take up a good deal of space that you might be using. Why not interchange them out for the more popular front loading washers. These are compact without decreasing the quantity of clothes you can wash at one time.

Folding Room
You will find that you get so much done if you are able to do everything in that one single room. Try to have a little table or a counter that is flush against the wall. Make sure it is big enough to fold the clothes and to make sufficient piles for everything. You also should have hanging racks for those clothes that get wrinkled quickly.

In most households these are located in the region of the house that does not receive any sunshine. If you can put in a window or two. The natural sunshine will help to keep mold from developing and will make the room look much bigger. Also have a few lights over the machines and the countertops. Utilize some laundry design photographs to help you to figure out what you like best.


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