39 Adorable Grey Color Bedroom Wall Ideas For Elegant Room

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If you want to have your bedroom flaunt the latest modernized look, then there is an array of colors to choose from. A few decades back white and other pastel colors were considered some of the best colors for painting bedroom walls.

Over the years choices have become bolder with more people opting for some of the most extra ordinary color themes. The purple bedroom decorating theme is one such theme which is favored by many in the present modern times. With the right combination of white and purple almost any bedroom can have a transformed appearance.

Going purple all the way

Depending upon your creativity and ideas, transforming a bedroom gets easier. The most important furniture item in the bedroom is the bed which occupies major space. You can even get wooden beds painted in colors of your choice especially purple if this is the theme you have been looking forward to.

Matching stools, tables, a couch, lampshade, etc. would provide you with the right kind of ambience you have been looking for and it is sure that you would never want to get out of such a bedroom.

If the bedroom is small then you have to think of ways to make it look bigger than what it actually is. A good idea would be not to use colors like grey or white which have been used since decades, and instead opt for colors like purple, violet, or pastel shades to paint bedroom walls.

Instead of getting all the walls painted in one single color a better idea would be to get them painted in different lighter shades. Consider a matching soft mattress which will blend well with the rest of the accessories in your bedroom decorated in a purple theme.


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