34 Cool Mediterranean Garden Design Ideas For Your Backyard

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Are you interested in gardening? If you are, here’s an article just right for you, to help you out in your hobby. Mediterranean Gardens are one of the most popular gardening types in the world. The uniqueness of a Mediterranean Garden is that it is found in realms where you can live in perfect hedonism, such as the Mediterranean countries of Italy, Greece, Spain, or the south of France.

Contrary to this, an Organic Garden is not exactly a modern concept, but something that has been around for some time now. Organic Gardens trace their origins to the Sumerians and ancient Romans.

Mediterranean Gardens

A Mediterranean Garden has a distinctive appeal of its own, characterized by a unique design, individualistic earthy shades and brilliant colors. The typical Mediterranean climate being differentiated with dry summers and wet winters necessitates gardeners to choose the right plants that can adapt to these climatic conditions.

Mediterranean Gardens are distinguished by virtue of sun-bathed courtyards, cobalt skies, and elongated lunches under vine-shaded pergolas. A good Mediterranean garden is designed in warmth, sunlight, repose and simplicity.

However, Mediterranean Gardens don’t feature modern components. They include durable elements as stone, concrete and ceramics. A Mediterranean Garden typically lacks lawns simply because lawns need to be watered, and being a dry region, that’s not possible; gravel is used instead.

Courtyards and walled gardens are trendy in the Mediterranean Gardens. They shelter and provide entertainment and relaxation. Shades and terracing overhead is present. Simple water features like fountains, pools and ponds grant the cooling effect.

The plants used in Mediterranean Gardens are Rosemary, Citrus, Olives, Geraniums, and Lavender, Bay tree, Roses, Grapes, Oleanders, Cypress, Pomegranates.


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