34 Fancy Master Bathroom Design Ideas For Amazing Home

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Master bathroom offers an atmosphere of personal indulgence just like your bedroom. There might not be a better place for you to enjoy some personal time and relax when you return to your adobe than you own personal bathroom. That is why, it is really essential to process your thought carefully while planning for your master bathroom remodeling. Below are some basic tips which might help you renovate the bathroom of your dreams.

Design and Style:

Think of your master bathroom as a part of your own bedroom. While designing it, preserve the aesthetic tone of your bedroom by reflecting it on the theme of your bathroom. Try to match the accessories and materials to accentuate that theme rather than creating different looks. For example, if your bedroom provides a contemporary look then you should select the design of your bathroom that complements with that look.


The layout of your master bathroom can be based on your needs and desires. Go through various magazines and websites, and think of what best defines your personality. There are many things that you should reflect on while working on the layout. Some of them are given below:

Think about the Space!

The general space of your master bathroom plays an important role while picking a layout for it. Think about the basic elements first, such as: the theme color, countertops, titles or vanities. Then slowly move towards the things that takes larger space like a tub or shower. If you have a small size, then think vertically. The vertical space can accommodate a large number of things for you, like cabinets or hangers. For effective result, you can always consult with a professional remodeling agency too.

What do you prefer, shower or tub?

In the past, most people used to prefer giant tubs to showers. Recently; various custom-made showers are also becoming popular amongst many. Due to the abundance of diverse designs of showers and tubs, you could be faced with a dilemma while deciding on one. To make your selection easier, think about your bedroom theme, the space and most importantly about your taste. Ponder on each of these things and eventually you will come up with an idea. If you cannot decide on which to choose, then you can always include both of them (tub and shower) in your master bathroom. However, it will take up more space and your bathroom can be a little bit cramped.

Other features:


Different types of flooring can provide different looks for your master bathroom. Marble or granite flooring can give a luxurious and stylish look while “Tuscan Stone Terra” gives off a richer yet composed look. Nowadays, you can even add other features in your flooring like an internal heating system.


There are variety of stylish countertops and vanities available today for bathroom remodeling. For you master bathroom, you can base your selection on your budget, requirements, and the available space. You can also use baskets, dividers, cabinets and pullout trays to organize the toiletries.

Number of Sinks:

Usually one sink is more than enough for a personal master bathroom. However, there are some who like to add two in their master bath. If your bathroom is not spacious enough, then it is better to go with only one sink because you will have more space for adding other bathroom features.

A word of advice:

There are literally hundreds of designs and layouts that you can play with for remodeling your master bathroom. You can even choose to add other options in your bathroom, like a TV or Music system. However, to make your remodeling project more cost-effective, try to fix your renovation plans within your budget constrains.


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