33 Incredible Black Color Schemes Design Ideas For Bedroom

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Whether deciding on a color scheme for a brand new home or redecorating for a fresh look, your choices can shape your mood and must be chosen with care. Consider how each room will be used, and how you want to feel when you step inside. Then select the shades that will best encourage your senses in that direction.

1. Powerful & Wealthy

For invincibility, nothing beats the combination of black, silver, and gold. The colors of the precious metals bring affluence to mind, and black implies strength, decisiveness, and authority. As it is always in fashion, there is no chance that this choice will ever go out of style. Want a softer look? Dark green is also associated with money, and can add to the prosperous feel of a room with more subtlety.

2. Bright & Clean

White has always been a symbol of purity, as dirt shows up so easily. It is no coincidence that it is the uniform color of choice for doctors and nurses, as symbolic confirmation of their sterility. Because it reflects light, rooms brighten when the interior is primarily white. As a bonus, this neutral shade matches every other color, leading to endless possibility.

3. Dramatic & Bold

It is no mystery why red is the color of love – a few moments of exposure makes the heart beat faster and the body breathe harder. Red stimulates the appetite and increases tension, so be sure to use it cautiously. For a nice balance, red accents throughout a calmer room can bring all of the benefits without overpowering.

4. Feminine & Sweet

Tranquil pink lends an atmosphere of more gentle moods, inspiring relaxation, tenderness, innocence, and romance. Soft shades reflect light well, giving the sense of cheerful well-being.

5. Peaceful & Tranquil

Known for its effect on the body’s production of natural calming chemicals, blue is a frequent choice for bedrooms to soothe the weary to sleep. High stress settings select blue d├ęcor to reduce anxiety and promote serenity. Blue has been shown to increase productivity, as it cuts down on racing thoughts and stimulates focus. It is interesting to note that the same sedative effect also reduces appetite.

6. Cheerful & Inviting

For a smile, pick yellow – it grabs attention and gives a perky, upbeat lift to a room. It is known to speed metabolism and increase concentration, making it a good choice for areas with lots of activity. Promote optimism and joy with this sunny shade, though keep moderation in mind. Yellow is the hardest on the eyes, and too much can have the opposite effect.

7. Balanced & Composed

Yellow mixed with blue makes green, a color that encourages the best of both. Easiest on the eye, green is calm and refreshing – a mid-point between high-energy and complete sedation.

Thoughtful color choices are key to ensuring that rooms will be comfortable, lived in, and enjoyed. Reflect on the tone of the environment you want to create, and opt for color selections that will reinforce your intentions.


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