39 Unordinary Diy Headboard Ideas For Bedroom Look Fabulous

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A great bedroom needs a touch of creativity, some inspiration, your personal style and some pretty good taste and sense of style. You can make your plain walls and boring room look absolutely fabulous with some cool and contemporary bedroom furniture! The secret lies in picking the right furniture without losing your personality in your room.

Since your bedroom is where you’d spend your time relaxing and giving yourself some ‘me’ time, it has to go without saying that it’s where you should be most comfortable and be able to just laze around without a care of anything else. So your priority is to make sure that you are comfortable in your own room. You can mix up styles by picking modern looking furniture but maintaining some sort of traditional bedroom feel to it, if that’s your kind of thing.

Start with the main furniture first, which would be your bed and closet. You can have a nice wooden bed in shades of brown or white or a metal framed bed with a great modern like headboard. There are so many designs in today’s market that you’d be spoilt for choice, for sure. If you’d like to go with the most ‘in’ furniture piece, then pick a sleek platform bed, which doesn’t really have a frame but an actually platform instead. You can pick out a gorgeous silk quilt to throw over and some fluffy throw cushions to cuddle against during the day.

As for your wardrobe, solid wood looks great in any type of bedroom and it’s very practical too as it will last you a long time, but for a more chic and modern look, go for tainted wood or PVC pieces. The best ones, however, have got a wooden base with creatively designed doors and insides of all sorts of colors. White makes a perfect pick as it will match the wall color of your choice and your bedroom setting as well. You can even pick to have sliding doors or open ones and if you’d like a two, three or even four door wardrobe, depending on your budget and room floor space available.

A few tips you should take note of to use contemporary furniture is to always pick bedroom pieces that are sleek and grounded. It also helps to keep your room theme to a few colors and make it uniformed as well. too many colors and shapes can sometimes throw off the balance of your room, taking away the coziness and charm of it. For a more elegant feel, mix and match white pieces with dark wood colors, shades of dark brown and even black looks great in comparison to light browns.

In addition to that, you can also experiment around with unique pieces when it comes to dressers, tables, shelves and chairs. Pick something with a frosted glass maybe or a side table instead of a regular one. Flip through magazine or visit showrooms to give you ideas and inspiration. It helps to keep furniture at a minimum and opt for bean bags, throw pillow, funky rugs and some room accessories like lamps and funny shaped mirrors as well. These items merely add character to you room, so pick them based on your own preferences and style.


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