38 Amazing Farmhouse Side Yard Decor Ideas For You

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This article explores the many considerations you should assess before planning your work and purchases for your landscape project.

When will you use your yard?

While planning your ideal design, visualize the times of day and the seasons of the year you will be using your yard the most. If you plan to be outdoors in the mornings, find the area you’ll be most comfortable during that time. Proper, effective lighting is essential if you plan to spend any amount of time in your yard at night. Also a covered porch or patio is an absolute must to keep bugs away in some regions and will also allow you to enjoy the yard during the rainy season. If you enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors during the summer then choose plants, trees and flowers that bloom all year round.

How much of your yard will you use?

Most homes are located smack dab in the middle of their lot. So the surrounding areas may differ in size but you almost always will have four parts to your landscape; a front, back and two side yards. The traditional mindset is that your backyard is for entertainment and the front yard is for show. However you should really consider a design that takes into account your entire yard, sides and all. This way you can take advantage of the different times during the day and night when each area is at its best.

1. Consider shielding the front yard with a greenery wall or privacy fence. On the weekends when the neighborhood is galivanting in their backyards, you will have the front all to yourselves. If that is too much for your taste, you can still consider putting some ornamental garden beds in the front to break the monotony of a stand alone lawn.

Keep in mind that its always in your best interest to keep your front yard tidy in order to avoid neighbors resentment. If you want to plant a wild grassland or jungle wonderland, talk with your neighbors first so they know whats going on. Well groomed paths are important to indicate there is a purpose to your design as opposed to your front yard being an unkempt mess.

2. Backyards are the safest bet for children’s play areas. This one is a no brainer. The enclosed area provides the best balance between room to run and play versus the need to protect young children from predators and unpredictable dangers such as speeding cars.

3. You don’t have to relegate your vegetable patch only to the backyard, you should put them wherever the nutrients and convenience dictate. Well tended patches planted in eye catching patterns and combined with some colorful flowerbeds can actually make for attractive front yards. But keep in mind that vegetable gardens are not as attractive in the off season.

4. Plan creatively to use your side yard. A simple end table and chair or even a hammock can be an excellent use for a strangely shaped side yard. Another use for the side can be placing a strawberry patch where the sun seems to light longer than other parts of the yard.


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