38 Genius Diy Outdoor Succulent Garden Ideas For Spring To Try

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Ahhhh! Spring is just around the corner…the onset of warmth, budding of trees, blossoming of flowers. A time of renewal & rejuvenation. In decorating, it’s about something that’s light, airy, crisp and of course, pastely (we checked, there seems to be such a word). So here’s our take on the best Spring Decorating tips:

1. Think sheers.

They’re light & airy and allows more natural light to come in. Another plus is you can see the garden or patio pretty easy. A trend this year are nude colors… peach, soft browns, cream… anything that’s muted.

2. Rearrange furniture towards a view.

I know, this seem to be a no-brainer. Remember, the fireplace shouldn’t be the focal point anymore.

3. Bring the outside in.

We’re a fan of this decorating tip anyway all year round but no other season carries the importance of this tip than Spring. The outside garden shouldn’t be the only place that should flourish. Have flowers all over {may we suggest Daffodils, Crocus & Tulips} or branches of Pussy Willows. Have terrariums of different sizes, use your cloches & glass domes over succulents. Garden decor for inside decorating with bird feeders & terracota finials adds a whimsy touch.

4. Have a French Macaroon Spring.

Why you say? Well, they’re light & crisp and comes in fabulous pastel colors. Just use french macaroon hues for a colorful Spring! From pistachio green to lovely lilacs, lemon meringue to creamy oranges.

5. Repurpose the fireplace area.

It’s not the focal point of the season but you can still decorate it for Spring. Maybe with a folding scrolly garden screen or hurricanes with Spring twigs & branches.


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